☆ ENIGMA PT3 Result Analysis ☆

A word of advice: A single test score doesn’t determine anything. It doesn’t mean you are going to clear or fail prelims. However it will help you to work hard and improve yourself. Give more importance to percentile scores, i.e. absolute marks in a test will vary as per difficulty level of the exam, but percentile score shows where you stand among numerous aspirants.

There are students who have started with rock bottom scores and then improved their scores and reached the top by working hard with efficiency. So don’t feel bad if you score low, there is always enough time to improve !!

The following are the top scorers of ENIGMA PT3

Rank 1 – Sree Manasa Sunkara (Andhra Pradesh) 114 marks
Rank 2 – Malu K
Rank 3 – Pratik Nayan Dash

Marks (after including negatives) and percentile scores will be individually mailed to the test takers who have finished the test within the stipulated time.

How to read the percentile scores

> 85% – You are on track, just keep the effort going.

>70% -85%– You need to increase the effort.

>50% – 70% – You need to work really hard!!

<50% – You need to improvise .i.e change the way you are studying, hard work but with efficiency is needed.

CAUTION: The data given below is based on the assumption that all of you have taken the test with utmost sincerity and within the stipulated time limit of 2 hours.

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