Enigma ☆ BLUEPRINT ☆ – for IAS Mains 2019

BLUEPRINT 2019 REG : https://forms.gle/VR6FHhweM7QJjJb46

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Contact: enigmaiasincorporated@gmail.com.
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/enigmaias

ENIGMA BLUEPRINT is a premium initiative of Enigma for IAS Mains for a limited number of students. Please read this carefully and study the attached sample copy. Don’t blindly believe, study carefully and decide. Then fill in the registration form at the bottom of the page. The number of students admitted will be limited to give them an edge over others. We will select from the registered students as follows:

1. All the students who have written mains previously will be admitted.
2. From other registered students the first 100 students who make payments after June 2nd (after prelims is over so that you are aware of your chances) will be selected.

Why the premium “Blueprint” initiative ?

Most students have problem in attending the DYNAMIC portion of GS papers. But it forms a major chunk of marks for IAS Mains. Without being strong in DYNAMIC part of GS papers (together with their “Optional”) one cannot clear IAS Mains. Also while writing ESSAY paper students feel a lack of quality content in their answer sheets. It is a known fact that students who have prepared for “Mains” have a better chance of clearing “Prelims” due to their depth of knowledge of various dynamic topics.

These issues can be listed as follows:
1. Students lack quality content in answers.
2. Students lack time to go through all articles in major newspapers.
3. Students are unaware which articles are relevant for IAS Mains.

4. Most of the questions in IAS Mains papers are framed from articles in the newspaper. Even the most obscure GS3 questions like the one related to ‘Bose-Einstein Statistics’ in IAS Mains 2018 are taken from an interview article in The Hindu.

How “Blueprint” helps ?

1. Blueprint is a bimonthly compilation of the most relevant articles that came in the newspaper. It is divided into various subtopics. (Please see the sample attached below.)
2. Under each subtopic there are many short paragraphs on different issues, then the most relevant articles. By using these judiciously, students can significantly improve the quality of their answers in GS papers. Plus the same can be used in ESSAY as it covers a wide variety of topics.
3. It saves a lot of time for students who are unable to cover the newspaper properly by providing them with quality content in the most simple language. The saved time can be used by students to improve their scores in optional and static portions.
4. Read the sample copy and think whether it will enhance the quality of your answers in GS and Essay. Don’t blindly believe, study carefully and decide.



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