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With God’s grace we were able to predict most of the current affairs questions in IAS PRELIMS 2019 specially in our MASTERCOPY compilations as well as DQ quizzes and test series. 🙂 We congratulate all our subscribers who could score well above their expectations!!

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🏆🏆🏆 ENIGMA MASTERCOPY 🏆🏆🏆& Daily Quizzes (DQ) topics that came in UPSC PRELIMS 2019 WITH PROOF!!

(NB: We are just putting the 🔺CA topics alone🔺 for now, that came in the HINDU newspaper and covered by us. Almost all of the Current Affairs questions can be tackled if you are thorough with THE HINDU, thats u should be regular in reading the newspaper and doing DQ Quizzes etc…)

🏆Q2(Series D):  Inter Creditor Agreement   (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JULAUG-18: Page 30)

🏆 Q3(Series D):  Bank Boards Bureau (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-18: Page 22)

🏆Q5(Series D): LTE and VoLTE difference (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS -NOVDEC-17: Page 36)

🏆Q6(Series D):    Maternity Benefit Amendment Act, 2017( ENIGMA DQ-2nd Dec18: Q1)           

🏆Q7(Series D):   Ease of Doing Business Indicators (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS NOVDEC-18:  Page 33)

🏆Q28(Series D):  General Data Protection Regulation (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-18: Page 6)

🏆Q31(Series D): PVTG  of India (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – SEPOCT-18: Page 14  + ENIGMA DQ 25thNOV18: Q5))

🏆Q32(Series D):  Article 142 – Supreme Court   (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS NOVDEC-18:  Page 25)

🏆Q35(Series D):  Indian Forest Act, 1927 (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS -NOVDEC-17: Page 59)

🏆Q36(Series D):  Article 21 – Marriage  (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-18: Page 11)

🏆Q37(Series D):   Plant Varieties and Patent (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – PT7: Q4)

🏆Q41(Series D):  Augmented Reality and VR (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS NOVDEC-18:  Page 87+ ENIGMA DQ-28thNov:Q1))

🏆Q42(Series D):  Denisovan human species (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-19: Page  88)

🏆Q47(Series D):  Black holes – gravitational waves (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS -SEPOCT-17: Page 58)

🏆Q49(Series D):  Cas9 Pro (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS NOVDEC-18:  Page 88+ ENIGMA DQ-28thNov:Q1)

🏆Q50(Series D):  Hepatitis B and C  (ENIGMA DQ-25thFeb19:Q2

🏆Q53(Series D):  Global Competitiveness Report  (ENIGMA CHEATSHEETS: C#1 )

🏆Q66(Series D):  Pyrolysis  (ENIGMA DQ-2nd Dec18: Q3)           

🏆Q67(Series D):  Agasthyamala Biosphere, Neyyar (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-19: Page  73)

🏆Q69(Series D):  Irrawaddy Dolphin (ENIGMA DQ 21st JAN19: Q4)

🏆Q70(Series D):   Microbeads- microplastics (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS NOVDEC-18:  Page 79)

🏆 Q81(Series D): Agricultural soils nitrogen, cattle (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS MAYJUN-18:  Page 62)

🏆 Q82Series D): Aliyar Reservoir (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – JANFEB-18: Page  49)

🏆 Q88(Series D): Coal Nationalization (ENIGMA BLUEPRINT SAMPLE – JANFEB-18: Page  46)

🏆 Q94(Series D): Methane Hydrate  (ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – PT2:Q85)

🏆 Q96(Series D): Black sea , Red sea MAP question ((ENIGMA MASTERCOPY PTS – MAP:Q60,Q66,Q72)

🦁 Master THE HINDU newspaper to crack the current affairs questions, be regular in reading the newspaper , doing DQ quizzes and preparing notes. You will crack it for sure! 👍🏻

2. We thank you all for the appreciation you have given us. Many have pointed out that our tricky way of asking questions have helped them in avoiding negative marks in Prelims 2019.

3. We promise to make our programme more powerful enabling you to clear Prelims 2020 with ease. Specially like the EXCLUSIVE MAP test we provided last year (the only institute to provide so), we promise more surprises this year.

4. We are for QUALITY rather than quantity. We intend to create full mocks that exactly simulates the “deceptions and tricks” deployed by UPSC to mislead candidates. Hence once you do our mocks, you will be in a much better position to attempt the tricky questions when the D-day comes!! 🙂

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