Enigma CORE File – Final Strike

Hi,    This is to inform you that enigma is closing down and to give you a useful final gift attached to this post. Please download it.

NB: The password to open this excel sheet as read only file is enigma

Also the recent MASTERCOPY files upto August 2020 is available at the Telegram channel @enigmaias

Some people fail in Prelims because they spend too much time on Current Affairs and is unable to organize them well for last minute revision. This excel sheet will teach you how to do it. This is from my personal experience of scoring well above cutoff around 15-20 marks in Prelims multiple times and a key element of my strategy in Prelims.

This file contains multiple sheets which condenses CA of last 2 years into a very organized manner in declarations, polity, geography, world reports, military , economy etc…. Please spend some on this file to learn the tricks of creating such an organized file. It will get you through the next prelims.

Use this well and create your own updated sheet for Prelims 2021.

This will save you a lot of time and give you an edge in Prelims 2021.

So that’s it and goodbye from Enigma 🙂

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