☆ Enigma PTS 2020 – Online Test Links

1. Be ready with your watch and finish the test in 2 hours itself.
2. Login to your GMAIL, then only you can access the test, as it is created in Google Forms.
3. After entering the test please enter your email address and name.
4. Then type your enigma number as 70071234
5. In the next page you will have to type ENIGMA password which will be separate for each test.
6. Each screen page will show 25 questions, so there will be 4 such pages, you can switch to any page from any page.
7. You can attempt only once!!. You can view the explanations when the test is submitted.

NB: There are 5 Full Mock tests(PT), 5 NCERT tests(NT), 4 Trimonthly Current Affairs tests(CA) & 1 Reports&Maps test.

Queries: enigmaiasonline@gmail.com

1. ENIGMA NT-1(NCERT History) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/SvRE1Vu1GgnQH6Xt7
Enigma Password  is 90013

2. ENIGMA CA-1 (May, June, July Current Affairs) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/4WaEnLpiVZMJR5vJ7
   Enigma Password  is 12341

3. ENIGMA NT-2 (NCERT Geography) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/TXfSgRwStPx26SkT9
Enigma Password  is 78934

4. ENIGMA NT-3 (NCERT Art & Culture) TEST LINK:  https://forms.gle/CAzg2yho4JXcmyUG7
Enigma Password  is 91007

5.ENIGMA PTS 2020 CA-2 (AUG, SEP & OCT Current Affairs) TEST LINK
Enigma Password is 14356

6. ENIGMA PTS 2020 NT- 4 (POLITY) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/2pTcnRcRPB94njJq7
Enigma Password  is 14567

7. ENIGMA PTS 2020 NT- 5 (ENVIRONMENT) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/ZZ5n9YyBp3phSXC46
Enigma Password  is 007007

8. ENIGMA PTS 2020 PT-1 (FULL TEST) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/jMx6CKBKxhi7C5yq8
Enigma Password  is 14563

9. ENIGMA PTS 2020 PT-2 (FULL TEST) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/euZ5Faxy318Hg7vr6
Enigma Password  is 96535

10. ENIGMA PTS 2020 PT-3 (FULL TEST) TEST LINK: https://forms.gle/UhGZjEKNbwY5Mf746
Enigma Password  is 56732

11. ENIGMA PTS 2020 PT-4 (FULL TEST) TEST LINKhttps://forms.gle/81UettzXicBAXvXM6
Enigma Password is 37209

12.  ENIGMA PTS 2020 CA-3 (Nov, Dec & Jan 2020 CURRENT AFFAIRS) TEST LINKhttps://forms.gle/3Hmt3159kHtS4Up47
Enigma Password  is 81273

13.  ENIGMA PTS 2020 REPORTS & MAPS TEST LINKhttps://forms.gle/pCq29jkSTJvunXU76
Enigma Password  is 24532

14.   ENIGMA PTS 2020 CA-4 (FEB, MAR & APR 2020) TEST LINKhttps://forms.gle/tqtELAhJB7JrFeqZ7
Enigma Password  is 14925

15.   ENIGMA PTS 2020 PT-5 (FINAL FULL MOCK TEST) TEST LINKhttps://forms.gle/xVZJuGP3vCvGrFe49
Enigma Password  is  05843

Thank You.

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